Today, our company is under the brand "Helmut Brandt" sets the tradition of this well-known to the whole world of the group in the field of medicine.We offer you the latest devices, dental unit "Helmut Brandt-2000", "Helmut Brandt-2202", "Helmut Brandt-3200" and "Helmut Brandt-2000B" , But also a wide range of dental instruments. All the products are certified. In the many years our company acquired sound knowledge and rich experience for medical products. It helps to solve problems effectively, which are related to the equipment of dental practices and clinics. In our warehouse in Germany and China there is always a sufficient selection of dental devices, spare parts and tools. All sales of dental equipment and instruments are delivered directly from the stock or through the network of our partners. We provide delivery all over the world and perform service and assembly work with the further technical support.

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