1905 In Bremen, in the Ulrich and Martha Brandt’s family was born a seventh child, the third son, Helmut. Brandt’s family business was a small watchmaker shop, but grown Helmuth chose another way and became a student of the University of Bremen, the faculty of engineering. 

1925 Helmut’s graduation coincided with a global economic crisis in Germany. German Mark fell down extremely, there were a lot of dismissals in the German industry, and there was no job for young engineers. For some time, Brandt agreed to different part-time works. Once Helmut got the opportunity to replace a sick employee of a large trading company on a short business trip to Shanghai. 

1926 Having completed his business mission, Brandt remained in Shanghai to work for a British plant, producing rotating mechanisms for the needs of the British merchant fleet. At that time, Shanghai was called "Paris of the East", but all socio - economic instruments, industry and major trade were under British control.

Helmut Brandt


1939 Britain entered into the war with Germany. Brandt was fired from British plant. However, he didn’t want to return to Nazi's Germany, and together with several counterparts set up the production of adding machines and cash registers under its own brand in Shanghai. 

1957 Engineer Li Suemin, a graduate of the Beijing and Hamburg technical Universities started working for the Brandt’s factory. 

1964 due to the starting of mass production of calculators, the demand for adding machines significantly decreased. Li Suemin, at that time the chief technologist of the plant, offered to start production of dental units. Having considered this idea from all sides, Helmut Brandt, with his absolutely German concepts of sterile medical production, decided to establish a new plant 100 km to the West, in the ancient Imperial "capital gardens" of Suzhou, there was clean air and pure water and much less people. 

 1966 start of production of the first units "Нelmut Вrandt".

Helmut Brandt 2200
Helmut Brandt 2200
5.499 EURO
Helmut Brandt 2202
Helmut Brandt 2202
5.999 EURO
Helmut Brandt 3200
Helmut Brandt 3200
6.999 EURO
Helmut Brandt 2000B
Helmut Brandt 2000B
7.699 EURO
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